Entertain your friends, and yourself, with Japanese Edo Spinning Tops

Created by Masaaki Hiroi

Japanese Edo Spinning Tops / Noodle Eater

Japanese Edo Spinning Tops / Noodle Eater by Masaaki Hiroi

In these days of eye-popping game consoles with seemingly endless applications to amuse yourself, you may think tops — spinning tops — have been relegated to the dustbin of history. If so, you are in for a happy surprise with Edo spinning tops. Besides being an ideal item to add a Japanese touch to any decor, they are as fun to play with as they are to look at. But beware: there’s more to Edo tops than meets the eye!

Edo Spinning Tops by master craftsman, Masaaki Hiroi, are extraordinaire. Tops he creates has a sense of humor, and its hard to resist smiling or be surprised by its unique and enjoyable movement. The intricate mechanism and tricks are all in his mind and has created over 4,000 different types of Edo tops.

The Noodle Eater spinning top looks like a doll at a glance, but if you spin the knob at the top of the umbrella, voila — cute little lordship begins slurping his noodles with delight. Fun to watch and  serve as a unique decor. If you are looking for more action, how about the Flying Saucer spinning top. This top is somewhat complex, and would like you to watch the video below for its action.

Every top is handmade and has a different kind of movement, and it will also differ by how strong you spin them, how you hold them and other factors.

These Japanese Edo Tops and more by Masaaki Hiroi are available at JapanUniqueGifts.com.

Notice (updated July 10, 2016): Due to his health conditions, we regret to inform you that we can not take orders at this time. We can not forecast his returning dates, but if you could sign up and subscribe to our e-mail newsletter, we will be glad to update you: sign up at JapanUniqueGifts.
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    good health to Mister Hiroi.
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