Japanese graphic motifs from yesteryear are featured on indigo cotton tote bags

Created by Kinya Takahashi


Japanese indigo tote bag

Graphic motifs on these indigo tote bags are created by the artisan who devotes his extraordinary talents to passing the stylish flair of yesteryear on to the generation of today is Kinya Takahashi.

The cryptic design featured on this handy cotton sack is A, the first letter of the Japanese alphabet, pronounced “a.” The writing style is borrowed from the Edo period, when it was used by local fire brigades to identify themselves. The sack features an indigo cloth covering over a striped inner lining. It’s ideal for carrying all sorts of items securely.

Japanese ingigo tote bag





The three items graphically depicted between the double stripes are, from right to left, an ax, a Japanese zither (koto), and a chrysanthemum. Their respective pronunciations create a pun in Japanese that means “listening to something nice.”


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