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Your success in Japan, visit annual Tori-no-Ichi Fairs

Tori-no-Ichi, kumade

  Tori-no-Ichi Fairs started in 13h century in Japan to thank for the harvest for the year. Kumade or rakes with wheat ornaments are sold at the shrines where the Fairs are held. A more elaborately decorated kumade with colorful symbols of good fortune to bring wealth and prosperity to the purchaser are sold on…

Samurai watching over you at a bar

Ryoma Sakamoto

Well not exactly. Its a small statue of a sumurai on a bar counter that’s watching over you at a standing bar in Shimbashi, Tokyo. Posters and framed photo of this samurai are hanged all over the bar and even his katana or swords (fake, of course) are also displayed on the wall. I am…

Edo spirit from the yesteryear is the heart of design

Kinya Takahashi

Kinya Takahashi has stories to tell Every graphic motifs has a story, and Kinya Takahashi will be delighted to explain all the stories and connotations behind these designs which came about from the lives of Edo (Tokyo as it was called in Edo Period, 1603 – 1868.) Edokko*, or Tokyo-natives from this period enjoyed using…