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Autumn in Japan — A Local Festival

A local autumn festival, Tokyo

Here in Japan, almost every locale has at least one festival or matsuri in late summer/early autumn, usually related to the rice harvest. Even here in suburban Tokyo, where local shopping district holds such matsuri for two days, one for children and one for the real adult matsuri. It depends on the type of matsuri,…

Your success in Japan, visit annual Tori-no-Ichi Fairs

Tori-no-Ichi, kumade

  Tori-no-Ichi Fairs started in 13h century in Japan to thank for the harvest for the year. Kumade or rakes with wheat ornaments are sold at the shrines where the Fairs are held. A more elaborately decorated kumade with colorful symbols of good fortune to bring wealth and prosperity to the purchaser are sold on…